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Lenovo, 35, is back in the water for "cutting off the supply"

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摘要: Just over the weekend, Lenovo, 35, was back in the middle of a "cut".At first, the question on the knowledge was "Lenovo suspected of cutting off Huawei." However, under the emotional boost of ...
Just over the weekend, Lenovo, 35, was back in the middle of a "cut".
At first, the question on the knowledge was "Lenovo suspected of cutting off Huawei." However, under the emotional boost of netizens, the word "suspected" is missing, and "interruption" seems to have become a fact. For a time, Lenovo's doubts and criticisms continued to spread on social media.
Under the crisis, Lenovo issued a rumor statement early Sunday. Just two hours later, the rumor maker publicly apologized online.

It was a farce after all.
Although the incident has subsided, Lenovo can not breathe light and retreat. The impact of the incident is still fermenting. The remaining temperature of the brand question still exists, and the netizens 'emotions have not retreated ...
Over the past few years, the veteran IT giant has suffered too much criticism and criticism. Recently, Lenovo once again clarified the strategy, this year will be defined as "brand sword year."
No longer silent, it began to respond to questions on the number and began to emphasize the importance of returning to the Chinese market.
Brand crisis attacks.
Everything, it seems, started with the vote crisis a year ago.
At the beginning of May last year, on the online social networking platforms such as Shuimu BBS, Zhihu, and Baidu Post Bar, an article about "5G standard voting, Lenovo's long code voting for Qualcomm, and short code abstaining from voting for Huawei" suddenly flowed out.
Lenovo's years of latent crisis were inspired by "lack of core technical accumulation and moral issues in business voting." Overnight, Lenovo became a "public enemy."
Nearly one-sided public opinion, and then button up the "traitor" hat, so that Lenovo is difficult to parry. Founder Liu Chuanzhi had to come out again to save Lenovo from the quagmire.
On May 18th of the same year, the founders Zhulinan, Zhang Yuanzheng, and Yang Yuanqing, chairman of the group, jointly sent letters to all three top leaders calling on all Lenovo employees to take action and swear to win Lenovo's honor battle. After the letter was issued, hundreds of entrepreneurs in various industries in China expressed their solidarity.

Public opinion has subsided, but it has failed to change the views of all netizens. To make matters worse, there has been an endless stream of articles attacking Lenovo in the past year.
"Some of them were arranged, and some of them were targeted." Lenovo people think that there have been unknown forces that have continued to attack Lenovo. Others have taken the initiative to ridicule Lenovo. "It is mainly to incite everyone's emotions. The amount of hits in the article will be high.".
Lenovo decided to fight back a year after the vote crisis.
On the afternoon of May 16 this year, Lenovo released a long article entitled "Decrypting the non-existent Lenovo 5G voting incident." In the past, Lenovo has been reluctant to go into detail, despite suffering huge reputational and economic losses that far exceeded expectations, out of concern for the broader picture and industry. In view of the continued attacks, it is time to say the whole thing.
This time, Lenovo used a 5,000-word long text to duplicate the "5G voting door" incident in detail, but it was still questioned about its ulterior motives and impure motives.
A Netizen seems to feel helpless. He wrote in the commentary: "People who believe in rumors will calm down and read this article carefully? Can anyone who can calm down and read this article believe rumors? "
Style change commentary area
In fact, careful netizens will find that since May this year, Lenovo has begun to expose negative comments on the male number and actively respond, even directly back. Sometimes, the text length of the review area is much longer than the original article.
For example, some netizens questioned that Lenovo computers are cheaper to take out in the country, leaving expensive ones to Chinese consumers, saying that the United States has good intentions.
Lenovo regains a strong sense of reason and directly allows the other party to think with common sense: the PC market is a fully competitive market. We are not the conscience of the United States, Hewlett-Packard is not socialist, consumers will buy when the goods three, we will not be crazy to let the market out, HP Dell will not be crazy to see us do not stab the knife.
For another example, in an article entitled "Lenovo does not have 996", netizens believe that "Lenovo, as a U.S. enterprise, certainly does not have 996" and is also jealous: complying with the labor law of the People's Republic of China is an American enterprise? What's wrong with people now?
Sometimes, Lenovo operators even commented directly: "It is this kind of ballad that has a rhythm every day."
Whether it is 5G voting gate, or the United States Emperor conscience and other rumors, Lenovo operations have used strong spoken language to clarify and spit.
` It's a brand strategy this year to change the silence and respond in a more positive way, 'one Lenovo person told Sina Technology. Say, at least it can change the minds of some people. "
Indeed, from Lenovo's strategic decisions, this year has been a year for its brand.
"The wind is burning, the fire is burning, and the construction of the brand will go up." In mid-April, Qiaojian, senior vice president and chief strategic market officer of Lenovo Group, pointed out that this year will increase user reputation, brand awareness, and reputation. These include the "dialogue project" of building internal and external relationships. It is necessary to use social media as the core and build a dialogue platform with users so that the brand can communicate with the outside world in a language and manner that is closer to the user.
In the face of numerous rumors and attacks, Lenovo also proposed a defense project plan, which will use legal means to punish organizations and individuals who are malicious, fabricated, and rumored.
Just a month after Qiaojian announced the brand's promotion, Lenovo was pushed to the forefront of public opinion for "cutting off Huawei".
Lenovo pointed out in the rumor statement that it had already taken evidence against the rumors propagator overnight and would resort to legal means to investigate the rumors.
At the same time in the commentary area, Lenovo's response has always been sharp: Know these few people, can not run!
Performance recovery emphasizes a return to the Chinese market
After three years of transition, Lenovo's performance is gradually recovering and its focus has begun to shift domestically.
Liu Jun, executive vice president and president of China, said Lenovo had been busy with globalisation in the past and must return to China. Having come to a successful stage, it is time to return to the local market. "Rebuilding Lenovo's competitiveness and business model in the local market is the key to success in the future."
He admitted that in the past, Lenovo had suffered too many negative, some of which were nonsense. "We should show you a true Association, not a company that has been tarnished and completely distorted."
Now, Mr Liu has found the engine for Lenovo's growth over the next few years.
In his view, it is possible for China to take the lead in the global market in intelligent transformation. In the next decade, from society to industry to individuals, there will be great changes. Therefore, China's IT service will be a very large market. That is one reason to return to the home market.
Judging from Q3's financial results, the big change that began in China has begun to show results: the personal computer business has returned to the top in the world; The mobile business, for the first time since the completion of the acquisition of Motorola Mobile, has achieved a global turnaround; Data center sales are up 20 % ...
Lenovo will release its 2018 annual results this week. In the voice of doubt, Lenovo will hand over what kind of response?







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