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Deep hit | abandon Liu Qiangdong and go

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摘要: This afternoon, Jingdong Group confirmed to Sina Technology that it has opened a core executive rotation plan. Wangxiaosong, president of Jingdong Shangcheng Health Business Division, and Hushengli, p ...
This afternoon, Jingdong Group confirmed to Sina Technology that it has opened a core executive rotation plan. Wangxiaosong, president of Jingdong Shangcheng Health Business Division, and Hushengli, president of Fashion Life Business Group, were transferred from the original post.

Sina Technology learned that Wangxiaosong has not yet set a post. It also means that the 7FRESH project he created will be transferred to another person, successor or senior vice president Wangjing. At this time, it has only been a year since Hushengli served as president of the Fashion Life Business Group.
One after another, Jingdong executives changed very frequently. There are rumors that when Liu Qiangdong meets, he "brings security and is afraid of trouble."
One can not help but ask: Is Dong crazy?
Liu Qiangdong, who has always been high-profile, has had to retreat to the second line since the Minnesota incident.
But the "brothers" have not forgotten him. He has always been "active" in anonymous social media: repeatedly mentioned, repeatedly ridiculed, and repeatedly spat.
There are no eggs under the nest. Jingdong is experiencing an unprecedented departure crisis and internal worries continue.
This scene, people can not help but miss the 2015 National Day: wearing a white dress, read the oath, on the spot kiss, happy, ... in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the grand wedding, unforgettable.
On the stage, Liu Qiangdong held "milk tea" in his hand, and the atmosphere was warm and touching;
Under the stage, the executives of Jingdong celebrated and witnessed the high light moment;
Outside the field, tens of thousands of first-line brothers shuttle the streets, wishing the boss happiness.
Liu Qiangdong, who fought for 16 years, took his brothers to the top. But only three years later, Jingdong fell to the bottom with him:
Stocks, once a cliff fall,
School, into the drawbacks of the executive structure;
996, was collectively complained by employees;
Redundancy, making people inside;
Marriage, causing external rumors;
To be
Rumors have even become the daily routine of the giant.
Now the "evil wind" has risen again: the bride on the stage is gradually getting rid of the Jingdong Department; The veterans under the stage have resigned; Even the courier brother, also abandoned it.
At this moment, the public promise that "will never expel any brother" seems to have become a joke.
Apart from Lanye, there are six other executives on the Jingdong page
Apart from Lanye, there are six other executives on the Jingdong page
The end of an era.
The morning meeting in Jingdong, there are fewer and fewer people accompanying Liu Qiangdong. Why are these people leaving?
Some people say that 10 % of personnel are eliminated, but this is limited to ordinary VP. Some people's departure can be seen as the end of an era. Lanye is a node.
In just one month, Jingdong has lost three CXO senior executives: On March 15, Chief Technical Officer Zhang Chen stepped down; On March 19, Long Yu, the former chief legal officer who had just been transferred, stepped down; On April 4, chief public affairs officer Lanye left.
The departure of CTO, CLO, CPO, and CXO one by one reflects the end of professional managers, but this was once the system that Liu Qiangdong cast.
Time back to 10 years ago.
After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Jingdong entered a period of rapid development. Liu Qiangdong selectively delegated power and gave executives full financial and personnel rights.
Since 2011, Jingdong has successively introduced COO, CMO, CHO and other positions. Liu Qiangdong deeply realized that after Jingdong was grown, it must rely on the strength of the organization and the strict management of the system. "If you manage for ten years, you can not let go. This is my serious failure." With each of these positions in place, he almost no longer deals with specific businesses.
In 2012, the construction of the Jingdong CXO system was basically completed. Whether Cooshenhaoyu, CMO Lanye, or Cholongyu at the time, having rich foreign company experience is a common feature of these professional managers.
The influx of fresh blood naturally causes rejection. Internally, CXO was once identified as the "Westernization School." These people's foreign company management philosophy has a certain conflict with local leaders who rely on "brotherhood".
At first, Liu Qiangdong supported the "Westernization School." He said without hesitation, "Jingdong needs fresh blood, old arms, old legs, no."
The Westernization School did not disappoint him. In 2013, Liu Qiangdong went out to study abroad. When he returned at the end of the year, the CXOs had rearranged the personnel. The organizational structure was improved and the process efficiency was significantly improved. Because of this, he became more aware of the importance of foreign talents and immediately launched the International Management Pearson Project. The MBA education background of the famous international business school was included in the application requirements.
After three years of good times, the growth momentum in Jingdong suddenly slowed around 2016. According to the 2016 Q1 financial report, Jingdong GMV reached 55 %, a full 20 % decrease from 79 % in 2015. More importantly, Ali's double 11 sound is increasing, while Jingdong's 618 is not warm.
Liu Qiangdong realized the root cause of the problem: The stable CXO, experienced but lacking wolf nature, needed soldiers who could fight.
Since 2017, Liu Qiangdong has begun to reuse Peisheng. At the end of last year, Xulei and other three local veterans were promoted again, forming the trend of Jingdong Retail, Jingdong Logistics, and Jingdong Digital Technology.
Looking back at Liu Qiangdong's method of employing people, it may be briefly divided into four stages: the veteran will play the world, the "Westernization School" will take power, Guan Peisheng will come out of the mountain, and the veteran + Guan Peisheng will fight again.
The departure of Lanye means the end of the "Westernization School" CXO era. Will Wangxiaosong and Hushengli replace these CXOs?
A line of resentment and helplessness
It is said that Jingdong is seeking change, but this "change" is not limited to firing several executives.
The wind began at the end of Qingping.
Since the beginning of this year, the news of the layoffs in Jingdong has continued. Some people have called it "hundreds of people a day" and have attached screen screenshots of queuing up for the departure.
Online Message Jindong Employees Queued to Leave
Online Message Jindong Employees Queued to Leave
The official Jingdong rumor said that the information was completely rumors. At the same time, the recruitment plan was also announced: The number of new graduates from the 2019 university has signed more than 1,300, and they will be hired in the next three months; At the same time, Jingdong will also increase the number of jobs this year by 15,000.
But that has done little to dispel suspicions.
An employee who has left the company has revealed to Sina technology that it is indeed optimizing its personnel. Take the small appliance department as an example. The previous business structure was: a third-party brand company docked the sales manager of JingDong, and the purchasing manager reported to the supervisor. After the adjustment, the position of the purchasing and selling manager was cut off. "Even the brand dealer was issued a license to let these people go to work in Jingdong and report directly to the supervisor." The brand makers have different opinions on this practice. "Some people worry about going to Yizhuang to take classes. Some people think that this is a good thing. At least it can save the cost of private managers." "Although Jingdong has been fighting corruption for many years, the more oil and water at the bottom, the more.".
Employees believe that this move seems to be an optimization step. In fact, it is a disguised layoff. "Any mature operating system has suddenly cut off the link. There must be a reason behind it."
This is not the only case of "disguised layoffs".
The 995 work system also caused an upsurge of public opinion. Some Jingdong employees pointed out that on the surface, "995", the actual situation is to work 6 days a week, so it should be "996", and high-intensity working hours make everyone complain.
Not only inside Jingdong, but also Liu Qiangdong's "brothers"-express delivery personnel, the workload has also increased a lot. Recently, Jingdong cancelled the base salary of express delivery workers was taken into account, but also added daily collection tasks, and linked to performance. "So some employees do not deduct money in order to complete the task, they send their own copies to pay, and then refuse to accept them."
A number of Jingdong Express personnel said to Sina Technology that "only willing to deliver goods and do not want to receive goods" is a common disease. Each time Jingdong receives a express delivery fee, it is very low. "It earns less, and it is a waste of time. It is also a waste of time to deliver goods and deduct money.". They believe that this is a drawback in the management of Jingdong. When expanding the express delivery business, it did not increase the percentage of the collection, and now it is starting to "make up for it."
"Delivery is a labor-intensive job, young people do not want to do, if aggressive, can only find other way out," the courier sighed.
A leavening private life
It is not only the departure of personnel that troubles Jingdong. The personal life around Liu Qiangdong also continued to ferment in the outside world.
On April 3 this year, Zhang Zeyan withdrew from the position of director of "Chongqing Nen Green Tea Art Co., Ltd.". matter







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